dream of tsunami

N watches “The Inconvenient Truth” on DVD.  

N’s dream:  She is with two vistors on a small island, and is taking them to her friend’s place.  The friend lives in an apartment mansion on the top of a mountain.  They arrive there and are chatting quite merrily in the living room.  Then all of a sudden, a furious storm comes with a big tsunami.  They panick so badly.  “We’re gonna die!” they shouted.  The gigantic waves do not go up to the mountain top, and N and the other three people are saved by the high ground.  But everything below them is destroyed.  The storm slowly fades away, and the waves suddenly comes to a stop, the sea looks like it just freezes.  The four of them feel relieved, but also puzzled as they see the sight in front of them:  a frozen sea, as black as the color of petroleum…

Recently N questions about human ignorance and justice.

goal in 2 years


N is feeling really cold right now. She is so cold that she can barely feel her hands.  N looks sleepy, but she still needs to do the laundry before she can go to bed.

N’s piano lesson today:  K says that her goal is to go travel to Europe in 2 years.   N’s goal is to pass her exam next year, but she worries that she won’t pass.  N images that she passes the exam and is proud of herself.

N starts to do her laundry.